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Anthracite Grey uPVC Windows and Doors

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Anthracite Grey uPVC Windows and Doors

Fast becoming one of the most popular colours for window frames and doors, anthracite grey windows or an anthracite grey door look stunning in any conditions. Suitable for any modern home or if you are looking to add a contemporary element to a more classic, traditional home an anthracite grey door from The Restoration Group can help to retain a comforting warmth in the winter or on cloudy and rainy days.

The best thing about doors and windows which incorporate anthracite grey paint is that they really show what makes them special on bright days. The natural sunlight helps to bring out subtle hints of green and blue in the colour which are otherwise hidden during the dreary winter days.

uPVC Anthracite Grey windows are always a good choice for this reason, but also for their ability to fit alongside any existing style and colour scheme that you have in the rest of your home or building. Because anthracite grey paint can adhere to any other colour scheme it makes it a very versatile and adaptable paint colour. If you would like to change your window frames or door to Anthracite Grey but you do not want to spend a fortune replacing all of the uPVC frames and doors on your house with new ones, then The Restoration Group can help you.

Anthracite Grey Paint from The Restoration Group can transform your uPVC windows and doors without replacing them, and the switch from old, boring, tired frames to uPVC Anthracite Grey Doors is carried out by expert, highly trained spray painters in a short time frame to ensure there is as little disruption to your daily routine as possible.

The fully qualified spray painter will first protect the area in which they will be working and adding anthracite grey paint to. They then clean the uPVC with specialist cleaning agents and gently abrade the uPVC to ensure a perfect coat of paint. After the glass is protected, they will mix a unique Anthracite Grey paint to spray onto to the uPVC, and once they are done, a full quality control and clean-up will follow to ensure there is no mess or materials left behind.

If you are looking for Anthracite Grey Windows or an Anthracite Grey Door, look no further than The Restoration Group. Do not shell out for all-new uPVC, just take advantage of our services to transform what you already have! For more information or to arrange a free home consultation, just call us on 0161 327 0482 or visit our contact page.


Let’s get your home or business looking great right now. If finances are tight at the moment then we can help by offering you the ability to pay in instalments or at an agreed date in the future.

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