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The benefits of uPVC spray painting for your conservatory

Top of a white conservatory on a blue sky

The exterior components of your conservatory are constantly exposed to the elements, and therefore are subject to a great deal of cosmetic wear and tear. Scratches from branches, smoke stains from barbeques and the lasting effects of moss and lichen can really do a number on a feature that was once sharp and attractive. However, there is no need to simply live with a conservatory that is cosmetically deteriorating, nor is there any call to start considering a total replacement. A touch up of uPVC (occasionally known as PVCu) paint could prove the perfect answer to your problems without causing upheaval in your day to day life. Here, specialists from The Restoration Group list the benefits of opting for uPVC spray painting to restore your conservatory.


  1. Done in no time

A particular concern for those looking to replace their conservatory is inclement weather. Arranging to have a new conservatory installed when there is a likelihood or rain or storms can prove very frustrating and can interrupt or delay the process considerably. However, if you choose to simply update the uPVC paint on your existing conservatory, the job can be complete incredibly quickly using our process – as uPVC paint dries within one hour and cures inside of one day. There is also no need for a large amount of equipment or heavy machinery, the removal of which also helps to speed up the process.


  1. Neat and tidy

Of course, with so little to arrange, no parts to fit and no teams of builders or installation specialists on site, mess and fuss is kept to a minimum and your conservatory will be left looking as good as new after minimal effort.


  1. A good look

Vintage uPVC can look a little tacky and dated, and shows dirt easily, so those with older conservatories may be considering a replacement simply to keep their home looking up to the minute. However, there are so many options available when it comes to colours and shades of uPVC spray painting that whatever your dream conservatory may look like, you’ll be able to achieve it with little disruption and at a fraction of the cost. Speaking of which…


  1. Low cost

uPVC spray painting is officially 80% cheaper than opting for a complete replacement – and that’s not even counting the time and effort that will be saved. You will have the option to pay in instalments or at an agreed date in the future if you prefer. Opting in with The Restoration Group also means that your paint job will come with a ten-year guarantee.

If you are interested in discovering how uPVC spray painting may improve your conservatory, doors or window frames, simply get in touch with The Restoration Group today via 0161 814 8161. The team will be on hand to discuss your requirements and help you to work out what is best for your home. You will have access to an immediate quote in response to your request.

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