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Can you change the colour of uPVC window frames?

uPVC window frames and doors have long replaced wooden fittings due to their ease of cleaning and maintenance. But these uPVC fittings often come in a bright white colour which can standout quite drastically from the brickwork of your home, and leaves dirt easily visible. Hence why one of the most common questions we get … Continue reading “Can you change the colour of uPVC window frames?”

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uPVC Spraying vs a Complete Replacement – What Should You Do?

If you noticed that your doors, windows or conservatory features were looking a little old lately, the natural response would be, to replace them. However, cosmetic wear and tear doesn’t necessarily mean a reduction in functionality. Your fittings may be just as effective and secure as they ever were, and opting for a complete replacement … Continue reading “uPVC Spraying vs a Complete Replacement – What Should You Do?”

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The benefits of uPVC spray painting for your conservatory

The exterior components of your conservatory are constantly exposed to the elements, and therefore are subject to a great deal of cosmetic wear and tear. Scratches from branches, smoke stains from barbeques and the lasting effects of moss and lichen can really do a number on a feature that was once sharp and attractive. However, … Continue reading “The benefits of uPVC spray painting for your conservatory”

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7 Reasons why you need uPVC Window Painting

If you’re looking to update tired-looking attributes of your property, look no further than The Restoration Group! It’s only right you make your home stand out, so why not consider uPVC window painting? Through the simple injection of colour, you can instantly enhance the appearance of your home, making it more contemporary and sophisticated. There … Continue reading “7 Reasons why you need uPVC Window Painting”

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Commercial uPVC Painting – Updating Your Premises

Whether you are looking to improve the aesthetics of your office, factory or restaurant, we can help you to create something more unique and sophisticated, and it’s all through commercial uPVC painting! If you want to get the most out of commercial uPVC painting, look no further than The Restoration Group! Commercial uPVC painting is … Continue reading “Commercial uPVC Painting – Updating Your Premises”

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A Brief History of uPVC Window Frames

If you’ve looked into upgrading, adapting or renovating your property, you might have heard of the acronym “uPVC”. uPVC stands for “unplasticised polyvinyl chloride”, and is different from regular PVC by being a more rigid, less bendable material – hence “unplasticised”. Due to its versatility and stability, uPVC has multiple uses. It is so trusted … Continue reading “A Brief History of uPVC Window Frames”

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5 Benefits of uPVC Door Paint

Now that you’ve read that you can paint uPVC doors – you may be wondering, what are the benefits to uPVC door painting? uPVC, occasionally otherwise known as PVCu, stands for unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride – a highly adaptable and stable material that is often used in the manufacturing of window frames, doors, conservatories and a plethora … Continue reading “5 Benefits of uPVC Door Paint”

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Can You Paint UPVC Doors?

Yes, we can paint UPVC Doors! One of the most common questions regarding uPVC fixtures is whether it is possible to paint a door made from uPVC – in other words, “can you paint uPVC doors?” The answer to that question is a definite “Yes” – in fact, it is our speciality here at The Restoration … Continue reading “Can You Paint UPVC Doors?”

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Calling Manchester!!!

Are you currently undergoing rebranding or refurbishment? We are a Manchester based uPVC spray painting company who thrive off restoring tired looking uPVC frames and doors. With our colour match experts, we guarantee to match your commercial exterior to the marketing theme colour of your business to provide a sleek, professional and eye-catching facade provide … Continue reading “Calling Manchester!!!”

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Window Ideas for Your Home that Don’t Cost the Earth

You might think a window is a window, shove a curtain up! But dressing a window which suits YOUR house is an absolute necessity. There are many factors to consider when styling and dressing up your window both on the ex and internally.   The Exterior Window Frames Unfortunately, the saying ‘Don’t judge a book … Continue reading “Window Ideas for Your Home that Don’t Cost the Earth”

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