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Can You Paint UPVC Doors?

Yes, we can paint UPVC Doors!

One of the most common questions which we have to answer is whether it is possible to paint uPVC doors, uPVC window frames and other fittings – in other words, “can you paint uPVC doors?”

The answer to that question is a definite “Yes” – in fact, it’s our speciality here at The Restoration Group! Painting uPVC is what we do, from Blackpool to Liverpool and from Warrington to Manchester.

Can you paint uPVC doors the same way you’d paint a regular door?

While you can paint uPVC doors, it’s not as simple as buying a tin of Dulux and rolling it on – in order to get a great finish that will last, you’ll need a specialist uPVC spray painter, who can prepare the door and apply the correct paint in a way that will leave you with a great looking, long-lasting coat of paint!

At The Restoration Group, we use a specific process and uniquely formulated uPVC paints to achieve the perfect results and provide you with uPVC windows and doors that you can be proud of! Before even picking up a sprayer, our painters undergo intensive training and are fully insured, to make sure that they are experts in their field. A free home consultation will help them figure out exactly what you need and the results you want, and tailor their approach to suit that.

Once they arrive, they will protect the area around your uPVC door with drop sheets and other guards, and clean the uPVC with special cleaning agents, before running a gentle abrasive over the uPVC to make sure the paint can bond properly. Any glass and fittings will be covered and protected, and a unique paint formula will be mixed up and sprayed on with specially-designed uPVC spraying equipment. After that, quality control and clean-up will make sure you are left with a door that looks good as new!

Can you paint uPVC doors in any colour?

Yes, you can! uPVC spray paint from The Restoration Group can be blended in any colour you want, so no matter your vision for your Home, you can achieve it. Your uPVC is a blank canvas – paint it however you want!

Why paint a uPVC door?

uPVC is a tough, long-lasting material, resistant to the elements and good for insulating your home in even the coldest weather. This same resistance makes it hard to paint or change the look of, and even harder to replace. A new set of uPVC window frames and doors can be a considerable investment, without even considering installation costs and the removal of the original uPVC – so if you want to change the appearance of your home without the huge expense, uPVC painting is the perfect solution.

Not only can you paint uPVC doors to change their colour and appearance, you can also restore tired-looking and aged uPVC to its former glory and add years to their lifespan with a well-applied coat of uPVC spray paint. Don’t shell out for all-new uPVC doors when a coat of paint will get the results you need – call The Restoration Group today on 0161 327 0482 or visit our contact page to arrange your free home consultation!




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