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Can You Paint UPVC Doors?

Yes, we can paint UPVC Doors!

One of the most common questions regarding uPVC fixtures is whether it is possible to paint a door made from uPVC – in other words, “can you paint uPVC doors?”

The answer to that question is a definite “Yes” – in fact, it is our speciality here at The Restoration Group! Spray Painting uPVC is what we do, from Blackpool to Liverpool and from Warrington to Manchester, our team of experts have been repainting uPVC fittings for more than 20 years.

Can you paint uPVC doors like you would paint a regular door?

Painting uPVC doors is not as simple as buying a tin of paint and then brushing or rolling it on. To get an optimum, long-lasting finish on your uPVC doors, you will need to hire a specialist uPVC spray painter, who knows how to properly prepare the door as well as knows how to correctly apply your chosen paint colour in a way that gives your whole house a refreshed and rejuvenated look.

At The Restoration Group, when we are painting uPVC doors, we use a specific painting process and uniquely formulated uPVC paints to achieve the perfect results and provide you with uPVC doors that you can be proud of! Before even picking up a sprayer, our painters undergo intensive training and are fully insured, to make sure that they are experts in their field and are skilled enough to give your home your desired look.

A free home consultation will help them figure out exactly what you need and the results you want, so they can tailor their approach to suit that. It will also give you the chance to consult with them over which colour paint you would like them to use on your uPVC doors.

How are uPVC doors painted?

The Restoration Group team use a tried and tested process to successfully paint your uPVC doors.

Upon arrival, our team firstly prepare and protect the area around your uPVC door with drop sheets and other guards. They also clean the uPVC with special cleaning agents, before running a gentle abrasive over the uPVC to make sure the paint can bond properly to its surface. Any glass within the door and other fittings are also covered and protected.

The next step is to mix a unique paint formula – the colour agreed upon with our customer – and then spray it on with specially-designed uPVC spraying equipment. Our technicians will always apply at least three coats of uPVC paint, though sometimes more layers are applied depending on the colour you have chosen.

After that, usually around half an hour after the last layer of paint has been applied, quality control and a thorough clean-up ensures you are left with a painted uPVC door that looks good as new! Our team uncover and unmask any glass in your uPVC door to complete its transformation.

What is uPVC?

Un-plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, also known as uPVC or PVCu, is a type of plastic which is water resistant, rigid and requires little maintenance. It is commonly used to create uPVC doors, windows and other fittings. Although normally first produced in white, firms like The Restoration Group are painting uPVC doors in colours mixed to suit the requirements of homeowners across the North West.

Can you paint uPVC doors in any colour?

Yes, you can! Painting uPVC doors in the colour you desire has never been easier thanks to The Restoration Group. Our paints can be blended in any colour you want, so no matter your vision for your home, you can achieve it with us. Your uPVC door is a blank canvas for you to paint in whatever colour you want!

Why paint a uPVC door?

uPVC is a tough, long-lasting material, resistant to the elements and good for insulating your home in even the coldest weather. This same resistance makes it hard to paint or change the look of, and even harder to replace. A new uPVC door is likely to be a costly investment, without even considering fitting costs and the removal of the original uPVC door.

By opting to paint your uPVC door instead you can change the appearance of your home at fraction of the cost with our respray saving you up to 80% against the cost of a full door replacement. Painting uPVC doors is the perfect solution as by doing it you can also restore tired-looking and aged uPVC to its former glory and add years to their lifespan to your door with a well-applied coat of uPVC spray paint.

Don’t shell out on a brand new uPVC door when a respraying job will get you all the results you need – call The Restoration Group today on 0161 327 0482 or visit our contact page to arrange your free home consultation!

Also, take a look below at some of the successful work we have completed painting uPVC doors.

Brown UPVC Front HouseBlue UPVC Front House

White UPVC Door Before ResprayUPVC Door After Respray
Brown uPVC DoorGrey Painted uPVC Door

Customer Reviews

  • Debbie Admi Avatar

    the results are great,we have a slight issue which would be easily sorted but cannot get a reply to calls,emails ,messenger, so I'm wondering if they are still trading,hope so as I've recommended them and may need some other jobs in the future

    Debbie Admi 30/11/2019
    Zoe Royles Avatar

    positive review  Just had my window & doors sprayed. They look fantastic and very detailed finish. You would never know the windows were not made in the new colour from factory. Really nice guys as well. I think I may have started a new trend on the estate everyone complimented on them...

    Fully recommend

    Zoe Royles 03/08/2019
  • Jane Commins Avatar

    positive review  Had all my front windows done a couple of years ago now. Still really really pleased with them. The guys who came were great and the price was very good. The estate agent who came round to value the house last week, thought we had had new windows. They are at least 25 years old 🙂

    Jane Commins 29/06/2019
    Gemma Williams Avatar

    positive review  Recently had windows and doors sprayed anthracite. Rob and the lads did a fantastic job we have had so many comments on how stunning they look. Our bungalow now stands out from the rest . We are really pleased and definitely would highly recommend. friendly lads very professional.

    Lynne and Martin Conlon (Mold)


    Gemma Williams 12/02/2019
  • Martin Xander Ray Avatar

    positive review  Fantastic Company. Professional and worked hard over 2 days to change my old brown windows to grey. Can't recommend them enough. Thank you so much 'The Restoration Group'.


    Martin Xander Ray 30/12/2018
    Andy Tabernacle Avatar

    positive review  Just done a great job for me
    The lads who came round were very professional

    Andy Tabernacle 22/11/2018
  • Sharon Whittaker Avatar

    positive review  So pleased with the results , the service was excellent and the house looks fantastic , all within 2 days and very affordable compared to replacement windows . Highly recommend, thank you .

    Sharon Whittaker 05/10/2018
    Maria Johnson Avatar

    positive review  Absolutely outstanding work I have received from rob and jack. I have had my windows sprayed grey and what an amazing job they have done. Perfection is the only word I can describe for there workman ship. Comments I have received from my neighbours about how beautiful my windows look and how much of a good job the lads have done. So I can only highly recommend if you are considering using this compsny. Also they did a brilliant job cleaning up after themselves. I'm over the moon thanks again rob and jack 👌🏻

    Maria Johnson 30/08/2018
  • John Frank Lucas Johnstone Avatar

    Great guys! Did my windows a lot cheaper than getting them replaced! Left no mess and happy with the service! 🙂

    John Frank Lucas Johnstone 09/08/2018
    Jayne Jones Avatar

    What a transformation absolutely top job well done Rob & Jack

    Jayne Jones 01/08/2018
  • Callum Andrew Leach Avatar

    Just had the house windows sprayed. They look fantastic and very detailed finish. You would never know the windows were not made in the new colour...
    Will recommend to friends and family!

    Callum Andrew Leach 19/06/2018
    Kim Bennett Avatar

    Great service from start to finish! Transformation extraordinaire of my tan brown windows and doors to beautiful Mediterranean blue! Great sales, friendly helpful and not a hint of the pushy salesman, polite helpful office staff and on the day the workers were super! Arrived promptly, pleasant polite and got on with it! Patient and went the extra mile, cleaning up and sorting out a slight colour variation issue with the office. Highly recommended, great job lads thank you �

    Kim Bennett 23/05/2018
  • Libby Christensen Avatar

    I had my front door sprayed by them, dark brown to cottage green, white inside and it looks amazing! Super friendly guy as well, can't fault them at all.

    Libby Christensen 23/02/2018
    Gregg Haggis Avatar

    Rob ( sprayer & the lads have just done an amazing job on our new home � hard working quality workmanship
    Rob takes pride in his work and the results speak for themselves
    Highly recommend this company ��

    Gregg Haggis 24/11/2017
  • Joanne Parkin Avatar

    Just had 7 windows sprayed black by Tom and Phil they've done a brilliant job, im well pleased with the sevice and thank you to Gary for all your help.

    Joanne Parkin 10/11/2017
    Ian Flavell Avatar

    Jonny knows how to spray a window but his golf needs some work. Thanks

    Ian Flavell 27/10/2017
  • Craig Hopkins Avatar

    Thanks to Matt, Tom and Ben for spraying our porch today, looks great, very happy, would recommend. I will be getting our conservatory done in the near future.
    Great job and nice guys. Thanks!!!�

    Craig Hopkins 03/10/2017
    Ste Tomo Avatar

    Brilliant service the lads rob & jack two great lads had a laugh with them this afternoon an there work was better than expected cheers guys

    Ste Tomo 26/09/2017
  • Jordan Jackson Avatar

    Very professionally run. Thanks for your help transforming our house!

    Jordan Jackson 25/09/2017
    Leanne Scahill Avatar

    Just had windows done by rob and jack done a great job thanks made up with them �

    Leanne Scahill 25/09/2017

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