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Can You Paint UPVC Windows?

Can you paint UPVC windows?

Yes you can paint UPVC Windows!

Numerous homeowners upgraded to uPVC window frames due to the significant upkeep required by wooden frames, and most modern construction companies will use uPVC frames both for the ease of maintenance and the lower costs. But over time uPVC, though maintaining it’s weather proof and insulative properties, can begin to look tired, worn and plain at the front of our homes.

Leading home and business owners to ask the question we hear every day, can you paint uPVC windows? Well, I am going to let you know now that here at The Restoration Group we can! But preparation is key, you wouldn’t drive a car without a dashboard so why would you start painting uPVC windows without preparation?

Introduction on what UPVC is

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, otherwise known as uPVC or PVCu is a form of plastic known for it’s rigid, low maintenance and water resistance properties, making it the perfect material for use for window frames and doors, it also tends to be used for the manufacturing of drainage pipes.

Introduction to what PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride. PVC has in the past been used for the same applications as uPVC but it was identified that over time, if left in the sun, PVC ages dramatically turning a yellow colour which understandably doesn’t make for an appealing look for your home windows and doors, hence why the resistant form of uPVC was adopted as a superior material. PVC due it’s flexible characteristics is continued to be used in the manufacturing of cable insulators and toys.

Before and after White uPVC Doors and Windows Painted Grey

Why Choose to Paint UPVC Windows?

As we’ve previously mentioned uPVC is a hardwearing and resistant material, making it perfect for dealing with the often harsh and dramatically shifting British weather conditions. Other materials used for the manufacturing of window frames and doors, such as wood or metal, are a lot less energy efficient, allowing warm air to escape from your homes and unless well maintained can become influenced by hot and cold temperatures as well as damp conditions.

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride has, therefore, become the material to go for when conducting construction of commercial and domestic properties, or when looking to get new features fitted to your property. But one of the biggest gripes that homeowners have with uPVC fittings is they tend to come in a standard white colour, which isn’t always the most appealing look for your home, but do they have to remain that way? Or is there a way to change the colour of your uPVC windows and doors? The answer is easy…

Painting UPVC Windows?

If Window Spraying is what you need and you are unsure what paints to buy, worry you will mess up and make a massive mess then click that link. Otherwise, you will be dealing with the fact that you could get the paint on the windows, floor or the wall of your house. This stuff is a nightmare to get off of things. But obviously, it would be because it stays on windows for absolute ages.

Here at The Restoration Group, we have an expertly trained team who use the latest uPVC spray painting technologies to restore, revitalise and transform your uPVC windows, door and conservatory fittings.  Why paint uPVC over simply replacing it, I hear you ask? Well, spray painting uPVC costs 80% less than replacing your uPVC fittings and comes with the same guarantee and warranty you’d expect from completely new uPVC fittings, it’s a no-brainer really.

The other reason why homeowners and commercial property managers are choosing uPVC painting to restore their windows is that you can choose to paint uPVC windows in any colour you want, we have a wide range of colours you can choose from with some of the most popular being Anthracite Grey or a simple change from white to black. But if you’ve got a particular colour in mind then our colour mixing team are always on hand to discuss your options and craft the perfect colour to suit your home.

uPVC Front Door and Window Painted Grey, before and after

How do you Paint uPVC Windows?

When it comes to painting your uPVC windows our team follow a simple 5 step painting process to restore and revitalise your uPVC fittings.

They first begin by conducting a deep clean of the area, removing any possessions that may obstruct the spraying process and making sure the uPVC window surfaces are clear of any dirt, grease and grime which may prevent the specialist paint from adhering to the surface.

Next, our team will apply a slight abrasion to the uPVC surface creating the perfect surface for the paint to adhere to, before covering the glass with protective sheets, and masking any door handles and adjacent surfaces to ensure the paint doesn’t leave any unwanted marks.

After the preparation is complete, spraying can be commenced using your uniquely formulated paint in the colour you chose. Our technicians will apply a minimum of three coats of paint depending on the requirements of the colour you selected.

Finally, after around 30 minutes from the final spray painting coat, our technicians will inspect your uPVC windows to ensure the work carried out is of the highest quality and leaves you with a perfect finish to your uPVC fittings. They will then begin to clean the area, unmasking and uncovering the glass, and returning your possessions to their previous spots.

So, we hope that helps answer your burning question of whether you can paint uPVC windows and if it does and you’d like to receive a free quote for your window frames then simply complete the form on the right and one of our team will be in touch with your shortly to discuss how we can help restore and rejuvenate your uPVC fittings. But for now why not take a look at some of the successful work we’ve completed below.

Examples of Painted UPVC Windows

UPVC Window Frame Sraying  upvc window example restoration

uPVC Painted Doors and Windows from Brown to Grey

White uPVC Windows Painted Black

Before and After Brown uPVC Windows being uPVC Painted Grey

White uPVC Frames Painted Grey

Before and After Front uPVC Door and Windows Being Painted



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