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Can you change the colour of uPVC window frames?

change the colour of uPVC window frames

uPVC window frames and doors have long replaced wooden fittings due to their ease of cleaning and maintenance. But these uPVC fittings often come in a bright white colour which can standout quite drastically from the brickwork of your home, and leaves dirt easily visible. Hence why one of the most common questions we get asked from those interested in the services we offer is, can you change the colour of uPVC windows?

The simple answer is yes you can, and in the rest of this blog, we’ll take a look at the process of recolouring your uPVC windows and doors and what the benefits of uPVC painting are for you and your home. Recolouring your uPVC Windows and Doors can really transform your home – just check out one of our larger jobs in Cheadle, changing this property from great, to unbelievable!

Completed Cheadle Job white – Anthracite GreyCheck out our latest completed job in Cheadle. We have sprayed the original white Upvc to Anthracite Grey. As you can see there is an unbelievable transformation. Contact us today so we can restore your Upvc at a great price. ☎️ 0161 814 8161 ? ?

Why paint uPVC Windows?

There are numerous reasons why you may wish to paint your uPVC windows, the most common being you are unhappy with the current colour, or that you want to update the colour of your windows to fit better with the external appearance of your home. Why not check out our 7 reasons why you need uPVC window painting.

And here at The Restoration Group we have a whole wealth of colours that you can choose from, such as black, oak, grey and blue, and if there is a certain colour that you’d like your uPVC fixtures painted then our team are always happy to discuss with you the finer details and provide guidance on the best colour for the types of fittings and design of your home, so feel free to get in touch with us today!

How the uPVC spray painting process works

uPVC spray painting is an easy and simple process to changing the colour of your uPVC windows – see how simple it is below:

Firstly, one of our experienced team will remove any silicone from around the windows, as this will prevent the paint from sticking to the surface. They will then completely clean all of the uPVC surfaces removing any dirt and dust to ensure there is no form of contamination, before masking up all of the glass, brickwork, sides and openings of your windows to protect such surfaces from the paint.

abrade the uPVC surface to ensure the paint has something to grip to when applied.

Next, our painter will abrade the uPVC surface to ensure the paint has something to grip to when applied and create the perfect finish.

Finally, we will apply the paint, starting with a light dust cover to ensure there are no remaining contaminants. Once that dries five minutes or so we will apply a second and third coat of paint. Depending on your chosen unique colour, we will apply a minimum of three coats, though more may be required. After around 30 minutes the paint will have dried on a surface level and we will remove the masking from the glass and brickwork. After 48 hours the paint will have fully cured, and the transformation will be complete.

Benefits of uPVC Spraying

There are a number of benefits to spray painting and changing the colour of your uPVC windows, firstly as we mentioned earlier you can ensure your window frames are the colour you want, allowing you to feel more comfortable in your home. Another benefit is that painting uPVC to update and restore your window frames is over 80% cheaper than having a full replacement of your uPVC fittings, saving you money while ensuring your uPVC window frames look stylish and modern.

If you’re looking to change the colour of your uPVC window, then simply fill in the form on the right and one our team will be in touch to discuss your full needs and book you in for an appointment, as soon as is convenient for you.

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