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Can You Change Brown uPVC Windows to White?

Can You Change Brown uPVC Windows to White?

The Restoration Group can provide a wide variety of colours when it comes to changing the colour of your UPVC windows and doors. One of the most popular transitions that we perform is painting brown UPVC windows and doors white.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the UPVC paint spraying industry and our team of expert professionals, who are all fully insured, have changed many houses windows and doors to a white colour after they originally had brown UPVC.

Brown UPVC Windows And Doors

It is not uncommon for people to want to change brown UPVC windows to white and by opting for a simple repaint you can have newly coloured windows and doors in less than 24 hours.

This is not only much quicker than a full replacement of all of the white UPVC windows and doors in your home, but the process is also less disruptive to your day to day life and our staff always perform a cleaning operation to make sure your windows frames and doors look perfect after they have been painted.

Another positive to painting brown UPVC window frames white is that it is up to 80% cheaper than choosing to have them replaced with completely new frames. By choosing a white paint respray with The Restoration Group you can give a contemporary feel to your home and because we use a minimum of three layers of paint you can guarantee that your frames will look brand new. You essentially get the look of a replacement door and windows but without having to spend a vast amount of money.

Paint Brown UPVC Window Frames

To prepare your brown UPVC doors and windows so they can be successfully painted white we first clean and dry the window frame surface to ensure anything that could prevent a smooth painting of the surface has been removed.

A layer of primer is then used to provide a base for the white paint to adhere to in order to change the UPVC colour from brown – our primer allows us to change your windows to any colour you desire. Next, we cover over all the handles, unless we have removed them, before covering the window pane, or glass within a door, in protective sheets.

The final step is painting your brown UPVC window frames white. Due to the high-quality of the paint we use, we are more than happy to provide a 10-year guarantee with all the respraying work perform.

uPVC Painting CTA

We offer home consultations to decide the best process for the respraying work you require and we can also discuss the range of colour options we have because as well as offering to change brown UPVC windows to white we offer an endless list of colours for you to choose from.

The Restoration Group provide respraying work on uPVC windows, doors and conservatories and our service can be used both at homes or for businesses, we even have finance options available. For further information about how you can change brown UPVC windows to white, visit our contact page and fill out our free no-obligation quote form or get in touch with us on 0161 327 0482.

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