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Why Choose the Restoration Group for Your uPVC Spraying

Why Choose the Restoration Group for Your uPVC Spraying

While we spend the vast majority of our time at home inside our house, the exterior of your property and how it looks is still of the upmost importance. The Restoration Group, based in the North West, are experts when it comes to uPVC spraying of doors, windows, conservatories and garage doors. We can restore and transform homes with our professional respraying service. If you require uPVC paint spraying at your home you should look no further than The Restoration Group.

We do not replace any of your uPVC fittings, we simply respray them in a colour of your choice. We can respray in the same colour to provide a rejuvenated look to your home or we can respray parts of your home you wish to have a new colour. Our experienced, fully-trained team follow a tried and tested five-step process when working on your property to ensure the job is completed to your exact specifications and there are many benefits to our services.

uPVC Respraying Benefits

Here at The Restoration Group, the work we offer is perfect for homeowners looking to improve the look of their property without having to replace any of the fixtures such as the window frames or their front door. We even perform commercial uPVC painting for businesses looking to benefit from the same service.

Tired, old and worn uPVC can make your home look lifeless, yet with our uPVC spraying we can bring it back to life and there are various benefits to the work we do.

We provide a 10-year guarantee on all the work we carry out. Thanks to our durable, hard-wearing paint solution you can rest assured against the possibility of cracking, peeling or the colour you have chosen fading.

Colour Options
We have a massive selection of colours to choose from. While white, grey, brown, blue, green and black are the most popular choices, we have such a wide range of colours that our customers will be sure to find a shade that perfectly suits them.

Speedy Service
Because we do not remove or replace any fittings our work does not take long at all to complete. Our paint can dry within a matter of minutes and only takes up to a maximum of 24 hours to cure.

Save Money
One of the most noteworthy benefits of uPVC painting from The Restoration Group is that when placed against the cost of replacing your uPVC fittings our service can save you up to 80%. We also have various finance options to help to make our work affordable for all of our customers.

uPVC Respraying Process

As mentioned earlier in this post, we have a tried and test five-step process that allows our expert staff to complete our work to the highest specifications and standards.

Prepare the Area
Prior to beginning any work, we ensure that our client’s property and belongings are well protected. We move any valuable objects before making sure the area is covered in drop cloths. We are fully insured.

To prime the surface we are going to spray we operate a two-step cleaning process. We begin by using a specialised detergent before applying a solvent-based solution to rid the surface of any dirt or grime.

Ready the Surface
We lightly abrade the surfaces we are going to spray to make sure the paint can completely adhere and to allow for a perfect finish. Handles are then masked off and any glass is covered in protective sheets.

After preparing the uniquely formulated paint you have chosen, our fully-trained technicians perform the respraying on your property. Depending on the colour you have picked a minimum of three coats will be used.

Final Touches
Once the paint as solidified, which takes roughly half an hour, we perform final checks of the area we have worked on to make sure everything is in order. We also place back any objects we moved prior to beginning the work to leave the area exactly as we found it with the exception of your newly coloured uPVC windows, doors, conservatory or garage doors.

uPVC Painting CTA

It is our processes and the benefits of our service that make The Restoration Group stand out from the crowd. For your respraying needs you can rely on us to get the job done and to meet your exact requirements. If you wish to speak to a member of our team you can contact us on 0161 327 0482.

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