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Why Get Your Kitchen Units and Doors Spray Painted?

Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets

When you walk into your kitchen one of the first thing you will pay attention to is your kitchen units. You will see them every day and if they are a part of your home you would like to change then look no further than The Restoration Group. We can spray your kitchen doors a new colour of your choice to refresh and rejuvenate your kitchen décor.

Homes across the North-West have already benefitted from our spray painting kitchen cabinets and doors service. Over time the colour or shade of your kitchen doors may have faded or waned, and nothing can give them a spruce up like a spray paint from a business like us. We have many years’ experience spraying kitchen doors and our service can make your looks as good as new.

If you were ever considering getting your kitchen units and doors spray painted take a look at this post to see a list of reasons why you should get the work done by The Restoration Group.

Cheap Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets

When you choose to have your kitchen doors spray painted you can save up to 80% against the cost of buying brand new kitchen units yet with our spraying service you can make your units look brand new either way. With all our work you also have the additional benefit of a 10-year guarantee for your kitchen doors and any other part of your property you wish us to respray.

The guarantee we provide is put in place to protect your doors in the case of flaking and cracking. However, thanks to the quality of the paints we use we are sure you will never have to use your guarantee.

Fast Restoration

Due to our renowned five-step process, our restoration of your kitchen doors can be completed in 24 hours. The procedure is much quicker than buying new kitchen units because we simply respray the surface of the door to create a newly coloured, high-quality finish.

The paint we use normally takes between half an hour and an hour to cure so our services only take a small amount of time to complete. This allows us to be less disruptive to your day to day life as we complete our work.

Pick from A Variety of Colours

We have a huge array of colours and shades to choose from. We are sure you will be able to find a colour to suit your needs when it comes to respraying your kitchen doors. We are revered for the range of colours we have available to our customers. Our selection includes white, black, brown, blue, green and oak – our most popular colour options.

uPVC Painting CTA

If need you require any further details regarding spray painting kitchen cabinets then please get in touch with the Restoration Group. Contact us on 0161 327 0482, our experienced staff will answer any questions you have. Also, take a look at our other blog posts such as “can you paint uPVC windows?” and “can you paint uPVC doors?”.

Paul R. from Macclesfield just requested a quote for his doors and windows to be reprayed grey.
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Amanda P. from Bolton just requested a quote for her doors and windows to be reprayed blue.
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Jason T. from  Manchester just requested a quote for his doors and windows to be sprayed
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