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Painting Your uPVC Conservatory: The Benefits

Painting uPVC Conservatory

The conservatory is one of the most focal rooms in the house. Normally the gateway to the garden on those sunny summer days, a conservatory can also double up as a cosy, snug to stay warm in during winter.

The Restoration Group provide uPVC spray painting for conservatories to refresh their colour or to provide it with a new shade and a new lease of life. The conservatory receives a lot of weather exposure due to being an external room of the house and therefore is likely to wear down and discolour over time.

Because of this, there are a number of benefits to be gained from painting a uPVC conservatory and this blog will detail just a few of them below. You can also have a free home consultation on your uPVC conservatory by visiting our contact page.

Quick Refurbishment

We are confident that our respraying jobs for your conservatory will take no longer than 24 hours. Because we are respraying the uPVC rather than replacing it we can save a considerable amount of time. You will be able to enjoy your renovated conservatory, in its new or resprayed colour long before you would with a full conservatory rebuild or replacement.

The process of spray painting your conservatory can be done and then dry in roughly about an hour, so we only need a small window of good weather to be able to change the colour of the uPVC. As well as this, uPVC conservatory paint can be cured in a day leaving you with a brand new looking part of the home.

Varied Paint Colours

Thanks to the plethora of options we have available in terms of paint colours, we can guarantee that you will find a look to suit your home. This is another benefit of painting your uPVC conservatory. Popular colours include white, for those looking to renovate their existing white conservatory, and black, brown, oak, grey and green for homeowners wishing to make a statement and for their uPVC conservatory to stand out.

Tidy Process

The first thing we do before we use uPVC conservatory paint at your home is to prepare the area by using cover sheets and by moving any garden furniture or ornaments that are in the space surrounding the building. This is to ensure that our work is completed in the tidiest possible fashion. However, that is not to say mess is to be expected. With little parts to use and a minimal number of working staff per job, we can guarantee there will be no mess left about after we have finished painting your uPVC conservatory.

Save Money

Using uPVC conservatory paint to renovate the room is 80% cheaper than completely rebuilding it or investing in brand-new frames and you will also receive a 10-year guarantee on colour stability, cracking and flaking, although thanks to the high-quality paints we use and the fact our installers are fully-trained we highly doubt you will need to ever use the guarantee.

uPVC Painting CTA

Those were just a few of the many benefits of painting your uPVC conservatory. See our other blogs which answer questions such as “can you paint uPVC windows?” and “can you paint uPVC doors?” or give our team a call on 0161 327 0482 to discuss our spray painting processes and the work we can do for you.


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