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What Is The Process of uPVC Spraying

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The Process for uPVC Spraying is…

1. Pre-Preparation

Before we start, it’s crucial the area is ready to spray and all the client’s possessions and property are protected. This means moving any necessary objects and covering the area in drop cloths. All our installers are fully trained and insured.

pre preperation

2. Cleaning

We use a two-step cleaning process. First we use Vinyl-Kleen, a specialised detergent, and then apply a solvent-based solution called Window-Prep to remove any grease and grime.



3. Preparation

The windows are given a light abrasion to allow the paint to fully adhere and create the perfect finish. Then we mask off all handles (if not removed), adjacent surfaces and cover the glass in protective sheets.


4. Spraying

This is the really technical bit. We spend some time setting up our specialist spraying equipment and prepare your uniquely formulated paint. Once it’s ready, our technicians get to work and begin the transformation, applying a minimum of three coats depending on the chosen colour.

window painting

5. Quality Control and Cleaning

It takes approximately 30 minutes for the paint to solidify, followed by a final check of all work carried out to ensure everything is perfect. We then begin cleaning up, unmasking and giving the area another thorough once over.

upvc windows drying


Let’s get your home or business looking great right now. If finances are tight at the moment then we can help by offering you the ability to pay in instalments or at an agreed date in the future.

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