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Why Restore Your Window Frames with uPVC Painting?

Why Restore your window frames with uPVC Painting banner

uPVC window frames have long been thought of as the perfect solution for your homes and business window fixtures, reducing the amount of maintenance, that materials like wood require, and featuring an easy to clean and long-lasting product lifespan, with an ease of installation. But as time has gone by, though your uPVC window frames have resisted tough weather conditions and have required little care to ensure peak performance, they have probably begun to look tired, worn and lifeless. And in most cases your uPVC window fixtures will be in the standard white, which can be boring and lack the character that wooden window frames may have added to your home in the past – that’s why we get many people asking “Can you change the colour of your uPVC Window Frames?

But with uPVC spray painting from The Restoration Group, you don’t have to put up with that tired and lifeless look, ruining the aesthetic appearance of your home, and in the rest of this guide we’ll tell you why you should restore your window frames with uPVC painting. And if you’d like a free quote for the painting your uPVC window frames then simply use the form on the right!



As we mentioned above, one of the biggest issues that can occur over time is the tired looking appearance of your uPVC fixtures, especially if you’re fittings are the standard white uPVC window frames. These easily show dirt and grime that can build up over time, as well as leaving your home looking like everyone else’s in the neighboured. But our unique uPVC window spray painting solution allows you to select or match the colour of your window frames to your desired design, creating character and enhancing the aesthetic appearance of your home.



uPVC window frames can be an expensive upgrade to your home, but with minimal need for maintenance and a long lifespan, the investment is thought to be worthwhile. However, as we say over time your uPVC fittings can become tired looking and worn, and the thought of the cost of replacing them can be a scary thing, but that’s where our uPVC painting process can save the day. uPVC spray painting is up 80% cheaper than completely replacing your window fixtures, allowing you to save a considerable amount of money, for reinvestment in other areas of your home or for use on that dream holiday or luxury car you’ve been thinking about.


Ease of the process

Replacing your uPVC window frames can be a long and messy process, often turning your home into a construction site for a period of time. But our uPVC painting solution is a simple, quick and effective way of revitalising your home. Once you’ve claimed your free quote; our team will be in touch to arrange a day to come and conduct the work. Once at your home or business, our painting technician will ensure the painting area is clear of your precious belongings and clean the window frame to ensure that no dirt or grease remains which may prevent the paint from adhering correctly.

Next, they will cover and mask up your window pane and any metal fixtures such as handles. A slight abrasion will be applied to the surface of your uPVC frames, to ensure the paint has the perfect surface to be applied to.

Finally, our paint technician will begin spraying your uPVC frames, applying a minimum of three coats depending on the colour you’ve chosen. And after 30 minutes it will be completely dry to touch, we’ll then conduct a final check before unmasking your windows and providing a final clean of all surfaces. Check out some of our previous work here!

uPVC Painting CTA

Warranty & Lifespan

In addition to improving your homes appearance, saving you money and simply being a much easier process than replacing your uPVC window frames, our spraying process also provides you with the warranty and lifespan you’d expect from a complete replacement, meaning you can rest assured in the whole uPVC painting process. And with all our operatives being fully CSCS Qualified and PASMA Trained, along with insured to conduct work at your premises allowing you to have full peace of mind that we’ll deliver only the highest quality uPVC spraying service.


So, there you have four reasons why you should restore your window frames with uPVC painting, and if you’d like to learn more about our process and us then why not give our team a call today on 0161 327 0482 or if you’d like a free no-obligation quote simply use the form at the top right hand side of this page.

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