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uPVC Spraying vs a Complete Replacement – What Should You Do?

uPVC Restorer

If you noticed that your doors, windows or conservatory features were looking a little old lately, the natural response would be, to replace them. However, cosmetic wear and tear doesn’t necessarily mean a reduction in functionality. Your fittings may be just as effective and secure as they ever were, and opting for a complete replacement may prove a costly mistake. The Restoration Group are a renown uPVC restorer and we have put together a quick and simple guide to explain why this may be. We are revered for our uPVC spraying across the North West.

What is uPVC?

Commonly used in the creation of modern doors, window frames, conservatories and numerous other fittings, uPVC – occasionally also called PVCu – is unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. The material is extremely versatile and sturdy, unlike its less firm predecessor, PVC. While the material itself is hard wearing, it came into vogue in a big way towards the very end of the last century, and, in its original form, can look very dated and often shows dirt and wear and tear very easily. However, ripping it all out and starting again may not be a good idea at all and choosing the services of a uPVC restorer like us can be a much better option. Here’s why.

  1. Fast and effective

If your original doors and window frames are physically as effective as the day you fitted them, choosing to replace them entirely may prove unnecessary. All that may be required is a lick of specialist uPVC paint from a firm who can perform specialist uPVC spraying in the North West. Of course, if you are hoping for a different look entirely, including the shapes and details of the frames and the style of the doors, then a replacement is the most logical option. However, replacing vital household fittings can take a number of days, and, when it comes to external doors, extra effort must be made to ensure that safety and security are not compromised. Updating the look of your windows and doors with a uPVC paint takes mere hours with our specialist uPVC process, and everything is undertaken on site.

  1. Clean

If you choose to update your doors and windows with uPVC paint, the cleanup afterwards will be minimal. No sawdust, no screws lying around, no teams of workmen. uPVC paint dries within an hour and cures within a day too, so there is very little possibility of any mess and as an expert uPVC restorer we always ensure every home is left as we found it – with the exception of your newly painted uPVC fittings.

  1. Versatile

Whilst there is a great variety of replacement doors and window frames available if you are looking for a complete change, simply updating your fittings with a coat of uPVC paint can prove an extremely versatile option too. You are able to select absolutely any colour you wish, with the guarantee that the shade you choose will be consistent all around your home.

  1. Affordable and low-risk

It’s unsurprising that restoring the look of your existing uPVC windows can save you up to 80% of the cost of purchasing new fittings, but another benefit is that the risk factor of opting for uPVC spraying is so low that The Restoration Group’s uPVC restorer services come with a ten-year guarantee.

If you wish to learn more about uPVC restorers, or generally require any further information, simply get in contact with us here at The Restoration Group today via 0161 327 0482. We are experts when it comes to uPVC spraying in the North West and our experienced, knowledgable team can answer all your queries.

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