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uPVC Windows, Aluminium Windows or Timber Windows?

uPVC Windows, Aluminium Windows or Timber Windows? What is better?

Any successful home restoration or renovation will make sure that your windows are energy efficient and look in keeping with your home’s style and design. Windows are known weak-points when it comes to losing heating and energy from within your property.

At The Restoration Group we repaint uPVC windows in a variety of colours to refresh how your house looks. However, windows can be made from several types of material, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Normally either uPVC, aluminium or timber is used to make your window frame. Which material you choose for your windows will depend on many things such as your own personal taste as well as the building that the windows will be installed in. Below see the benefits and shortcomings of each material.


UPVC is a low-cost plastic, usually costing less than timber and aluminium, that is used to produce white window frames. uPVC windows require little maintenance apart from a clean every so often and they have superb insulation properties, retaining heat in your home but blocking out exterior noises.

UPVC vs aluminium windows or timber windows are the perfect material if you require sensibly priced yet effective insulation in your home. uPVC windows have a contemporary style, which suits modern buildings but this also means that with any older properties that you wish to update or refresh you should opt for uPVC.


While Timber windows, give an aesthetically pleasing look to a home or commercial property, they cost considerably more than uPVC windows, which can be resprayed in an Oak shade, amongst others, by The Restoration Group if it is a traditional timber look that you are after for your windows.

Timber windows also need extra maintenance compared to uPVC such as wax coatings to prevent water damage and general upkeep to maintain their classic style. If timber windows are not properly and regularly maintained they could fall victim of a number of things such as wood rot, insect infestations like termites and they are also susceptible to damage from the weather which can cause your window to become draughty or to rattle.


If you are after a strong frame but one which still allows for a maximum sized glass surface then aluminium is the ideal material for your windows. However, aluminium windows biggest weakness is its ability as an insulator. It loses heat a lot quicker than uPVC windows so if you are looking to increase the energy efficiency of your home then you should opt for something else other than aluminium.

You may also suffer condensation issues with aluminium windows, due to aluminium’s high thermal conductivity. This could then lead to problems with dampness caused by the increased amount of moisture around your window frames.

uPVC Painting CTA

The material you use for your window will ultimately be down to you and your views on which you think will fit best with the property you are adding the frames to. However, thanks to the assortment of colours available for respraying uPVC windows with The Restoration Group, we are certain that we will have a paint to suit any property design be it a period building or modern, new-build. Thanks to their insulation benefits and noise reduction properties as well the aforementioned colour choices when comparing uPVC vs Aluminium Windows or uPVC vs wooden windows there is only one winner.

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