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uPVC Painting Windows and Doors in Shrewsbury

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 Painting uPVC Windows and Doors in Shrewsbury

Here at The Restoration Group, we’re specialists when it comes to uPVC painting in Shrewsbury, enhancing, restoring and rejuvenating uPVC windows, doors and conservatories for homes throughout the Shrewsbury area. Our industry-leading uPVC spray painting process and unique paint solution allow us to help you transform your home. With a wide range of colours for you to select from and a simple painting process that can be carried out at your Shrewsbury home in a single visit, enhancing your home has never been easier.

Replacing uPVC fittings can be a stressful and costly process, but our uPVC painting solution can save you up to 80% of a complete replacement uPVC fitting, meaning you have more money to spend on other aspects of your home. We also offer a whole host of payment methods and finance solutions to ensure you don’t miss out on our fantastic method of enhancing your home.

When it comes to painting your uPVC fitting you can rest assured that our team are fully experienced, with all of our painters completing an in-depth training course and being fully qualified to carry out work at your home.

Our industry-leading uPVC paint spraying solution makes rejuvenating your home in Shrewsbury simple, starting with clearing and covering the areas to be sprayed to ensure that the rest of your home and fittings are protected from the paint. Our painting technician will then clean the uPVC surface to remove any grease or dust that may prevent the paint from being applied correctly. Following this, a slight abrasion will be applied to provide the paint with the best surface to adhere to, and finally, the paint is ready to be applied. Depending on your choice of colour for your Shrewsbury home, our technician will apply a minimum of three coats of paint, which will be dry to touch within 30 minutes. Once dry we will conduct final checks to ensure the quality of your uPVC fittings is to the highest standards before unmasking and uncovering those areas of your home we provided protection for.

Should you want to know more about our uPVC window, door or conservatory painting process in Shrewsbury, then get in touch with our team today on  0161 327 0482!

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