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UPVC Painting

uPVC Spraying

uPVC spraying is an amazing way to spruce up your uPVC windows, doors or a conservatory. There is no need to replace older, tired looking uPVC elements because you can transform your house or commercial property at a fraction of the cost. The Restoration Group use the latest spray painting technology to give you the look of ‘brand new’ uPVC. You may just want to change the colour of your UPVC fittings in which case UPVC spraying is exactly what you need. Choose from hundreds of colours to add value and style to your home or workplace.

uPVC Window Spraying

The Restoration Group are experts at spraying uPVC windows – for more information, read our blog on how and why paint uPVC windows here.
We have completely transformed the appearance of houses and commercial properties simply by respraying the windows.
Our team of professionals expertly cover glass and the surrounding areas leaving you with no mess and windows that look brand new.
And it is not just the exterior windows that can be painted- the interior windows can benefit from being resprayed just as much as the exterior windows.
It will add value to your property and make you feel proud of your home or place of work.

uPVC Door Spraying

It is important to make a great first impression, so the entrance to your home or workplace has to look fantastic. If your uPVC door has seen better days don’t worry- there is no need to buy a new one. We can respray uPVC door or doors at a fraction of the cost. Perhaps you want a new door colour, your company has rebranded or you simply want to refresh the existing colour. Our team of experts use the latest spraying technology to respray the interior and exterior door to any colour you desire. All glass and surrounding areas are completely masked so the process leaves no mess- just added value to your property.

For more information on uPVC Door Spray Painting, read our blog article on “Can you paint uPVC doors?

uPVC Conservatory Spraying

If your conservatory has seen better days, you don’t have to worry about the cost of replacing it. Using the latest technology, The Restoration Group are able to give you the look of a new conservatory without the associated price tag. By getting your conservatory re-sprayed with our specialist uPVC paint you can choose from a huge variety of colours to either match your existing colour or change the look of your conservatory completely. It is so much quicker, cheaper and easier than the process of getting a new conservatory and the re-spraying process also prolongs the life of your uPVC Conservatory. So get in touch and get the conservatory of your dreams!

Commercial uPVC Spraying

It isn’t only homes that can benefit from our uPVC spraying service. We have improved the appearance of many commercial properties too. If your businesses building looks a little worse for wear, getting your commercial property uPVC resprayed is a great way to spruce it up without eating into your profits. The way your businesses windows, doors & PVC fittings look will have a lasting impression on your customers and suppliers, so make sure that your business looks the business! Our team of experts will be able to restore your property with minimal disruption to your business. We have restored offices, shop fronts, restaurants, factories, schools… you name it, we’ve resprayed their uPVC.

uPVC Spraying Benefits

There are many reasons why it is beneficial to respray your uPVC rather than replace it.


One of the main reasons that our clients choose to use our services is because of the cost. Respraying will always be so much cheaper than replacing, and when there is no need to replace your windows and doors, why would you?

Added Value

Our services add value to homes and businesses by making them look fresh and new. It is amazing how much of a difference having freshly painted uPVC fixtures can make to someone viewing a property. uPVC spray painting gives visitors, customers and potential buyers a fantastic first impression of your property.

Minimum Disruption

Our team of experts can give you the look of brand new uPVC fixtures without the hassle. They protect all of the surrounding areas to make sure that there is no mess, and they are experienced in working quickly and discreetly.

Protect your uPVC

The uPVC spraying process not only makes your home or business look much better, it also protects your uPVC and prevents cracks and peeling for years to come.

Personalise to your colour

You can choose exactly the colour you want. Perhaps you’ve bought a new home with uPVC windows, but you don’t like the colour. You don’t have to replace them, simply get them repainted to the colour you would have chosen. Very quickly you can make your house your home.

10 Year Guarantee

And as if you needed another reason to choose to respray your uPVC, we also offer a 10 Year Guarantee.

uPVC Paint

We use the very best uPVC paint to respray your home or commercial property. There is a huge range of colours that you can choose from, whether you want to match the existing colour exactly or whether you want a whole new look. You can have your uPVC painted in any of the colours listed here, or we can even colour match so that you end up with exactly the colour you desire.

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