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What Coloured uPVC Doors & Windows Should I get?

What Coloured uPVC Doors & Windows Should I get?

Here at The Restoration Group with offer a multitude of colours in our uPVC spray painting service.  Once you have decided to have your coloured uPVC doors or coloured uPVC windows spray painted the next is choosing which colour you would like your home restoration to be in.

Our expert team of professionals have over 20 years of industry experience when it comes to spraying uPVC doors, windows and conservatories using the latest methods and equipment to modern and refresh your home and below is our guide to picking the colour you want to renovate your home with.

We have hundreds of colours and shades to choose from when upgrading your coloured uPVC windows or coloured uPVC doors. To see the complete range of colours that we provide, via our paint suppliers, click here.

There are many advantages to choosing coloured uPVC doors and windows respraying from the Restoration Group. See below our list our coloured uPVC spraying advantages.

Endless Colours

In conjunction with our paint supplier, we offer a limitless assortment of colours for you to choose from when getting your coloured uPVC windows resprayed. Standard uPVC fixtures in many homes across the North West are white although after a while can look worn and tired. Choosing a new colour respray modernises your home and even if you still wish to have white windows our minimum of three coats of paint in our resprays will ensure your windows look as good as new. Our most popular respray colours are Grey, Oak, Blue, Green, Black and White.

Money Saving

If you are unhappy with the current look of your coloured uPVC doors then by opting for a repaint with us you can save up to 80% compared to the cost of completely replacing your current uPVC fittings. The Restoration Group provide a range of payment types to help to make the process more affordable for everyone, no matter their budget.


The first-class coating we use on uPVC fittings ensures the effects of our respraying will be long-lasting for the minimum of a decade. Because of this, we are confident enough to allow all our respraying work to come with a 10-year guarantee. Our coloured uPVC respraying will not fade, crack or discolour over time.

uPVC Painting CTA


The high-quality paint we use on coloured uPVC windows and doors takes just an hour to dry and is fully cured is less than 24 hours meaning the full coloured uPVC process is complete before you know it. Instead of getting your uPVC fittings repainted you could choose to have them all replaced, but this takes a substantial amount of building work and time so if you coloured UPVC windows and doors are still secure and functional then look no further than The Restoration Group’s uPVC spray painting process.

The choice is completely up to you when it comes to picking the colour of your uPVC paint, though our team are always more than happy to advise and assist with what will suit your home best. We can even organise a home consultation to assess your current decor, allowing us to decide which colours could work best for you to use for your coloured uPVC front doors and conservatories.

To find out more about our colour uPVC respraying process give us a call on 0161 327 0482 or fill out our free no-obligation quote form.



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